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1. You can downgrade at any time.

2. Hannah is not responsible for any food reaction or intolerances.

3. Hannah is not liable for any misunderstood nutrition education and does not consider her education as "medical advice".

4. You cannot sue Hannah for any advice offered.

5. As a client, you have the responsibility to contact your physician for approval for participation in coaching if coaching for health reasons.

6. Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Hannah Koschak from any liability whatsoever resulting from your participation in coaching.

7. You, the client, acknowledge that expectations and results or participation in coaching activities vary among individuals, and may not receive the same results.

8. Hannah may discontinue services to you upon notification to you in writing for any reason, including: your failure to cooperate, non-payment of fees within 5 days of due date, or your attitude and intentions towards Hannah is disrespectful or ill-willed.

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WCM Exclusive

Get out of your old health story; constantly starting over only to repeat the same story. Rewrite your health story and create something that will work for you and your family forever!

What you'll get:

  • The Wholesome Community Membership
  • Individual weekly 30 minute calls 
  • Monthly group calls with other exclusive members

Don't forget all the perks of being in the community; free access to events, workshops, and food demos.

What People Are Saying:

I learned a life-long sustainable lifestyle in which weight loss is no longer the primary focus but a welcomed result. Instead of feeling restricted or limited in the foods I was “allowed” to eat like other programs, I feel complete freedom and confidence in my choices and enjoy a wide variety of foods that make me feel energized, satisfied and happy. While no foods are off-limits (because I make my own choices in what I eat), there are definitely foods that get me closer to the goals I’ve set for myself and I live life in balance of these with no regrets or food shame/guilt. What I never expected was that my brain fog, tendencies to depression and fatigue would dissipate like it did and those are only a short list of the benefits of my new lifestyle. Hannah was with me through the entire 6 month journey. She celebrated every achievement and gave me so much support through all the ups and downs of changing my life. Wholesome Endeavors started me on my life changing journey and I look forward to continuing to work with them as my journey continues. Thanks Hannah and Wholesome Endeavors! I’m so thankful I saw your Volume One award and took that leap of faith! "