The Wholesome Collective

is your safe, supportive space to step into your worth and prioritize your well-being!

Imagine a journey led by; self-acceptance, critical thinking, self-love initiating self-care, freedom from society's demand to be a certain size, embracing and learning on a deeper level, prioritizing your health and overcoming the heaviness of weight stigma.

Think of your health journey as a homemade recipe; a personal blend of ingredients:

Professional support

Hands-on experiences

A positive, engaged community

Unbiased education & new perspectives

The Wholesome Collective is created and led by Hannah, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, who is passionate about non-dieting approaches, escaping the "all or nothing" mindset, and helping you create consistency in your health journey from a place of self-respect rather than self-loath.

Hannah specializes in disease prevention and created this membership to help people have a safe, supportive place to enjoy your health journey without judgement, shame, or deprivation. You will gain confidence in food choices, cooking, and personal growth while thriving in a community of people who are at different stages in their journey to learn from.


Hear What Other's Have Experienced on Their Journey

Brittany worked with Hannah on a weekly basis for 6 months, in addition to the membership, and had a life-changing experience.


Wholesome Collective (membership)


  • Expert advice, guidance, and knowledge
  • Weekly Group Coaching and Q&A¬†to¬†address barriers, accountability and¬†guidance¬†towards¬†consistency and growth.
  • "Cook with Me Mondays". You'll receive a recipe and we will cook together over zoom for you to learn, try new things, and have fun doing hard things!
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Private Coaching

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  • In addition to and as part of the Wholesome Collective:
  • Weekly 1:1, 45-minute meetings¬†to develop a healthy mindset, relationship with food, and professional guidance regarding your health status. Individual customization on your journey with complete privacy. This is great for someone that struggles in their relationship with food and desires quicker progress. Also great for someone managing chronic health concerns holding them back from consistency.
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